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Martedì 11 marzo 2003, ore 10.00

Dipartimento del Mondo Classico e del Mediterraneo Antico,
Istituto Universitario Orientale,
piazza S. Domenico Maggiore,
Palazzo Corigliano


Luigi Munzi introduce la conferenza di
C. Kallendorf
(Texas M&T University):

Virgilio, Filelfo, Foucault


This paper challenges the idea that Filelfo's Sforziad is an artistic disaster, a failed epic that deserves to be unknown and unread today. I begin with the obvious, the fact that the major intertextual source for Filelfo's poem is Virgil's Aeneid. Filelfo, as I show, read the Aeneid very much like the so-called 'pessimistic' school of contemporary Anglo-American criticism, in which the hero is flawed and the relationship to political power is ambiguous indeed. The Sforziad takes over these points from its model, which allows us to see Filelfo's poem as a richly nuanced text which both flatters and criticizes the Milanese ruler. Understood in this way, the Sforziad can be appreciated for its artistic achievements at the same time as we can see it as a cause for Filelfo's uneasy relationship with the historical Sforza -- a relationship which illustrates, perhaps surprisingly, several key ideas about power as articulated by Foucault.


La conferenza sarà tenuta in italiano e l'ingresso e' libero.